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Resources (varieties and breeds) at risk of genetic erosion present in the company:

Azienda Agricola Franco Persicorossi - vendita risorsa

In the foothills of the upper Macerata area, in the municipality of Caldarola, Mr. Franco with passion, enthusiasm and tenacity, assisted by his son Gino, takes care of the company’s olive grove of just 2.5 hectares, where it is possible to find the Coroncina varieties and Oliva Grossa, two accessions registered in the Regional Directory of Agricultural Biodiversity of the Marche. Precisely from the autochthonous variety Coroncina, he obtains an extra virgin oil that presents hints of medium-intense fruity with a sensation of artichoke accompanied by pleasant herbaceous tones and organoleptic characteristics typical of the variety. The presence of a company micro crusher allows him to grind the olives just harvested within the day thus obtaining a high quality single variety oil. In the company, in addition to the oil mill, there is also a small sales point where it is possible to buy the company’s products.

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