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Resources (varieties and breeds) at risk of genetic erosion present in the company:

Azienda Agricola Giovanni Angeli - paesaggio

Giovanni Angeli, son and brother of breeders, in 2016 began an innovative path for his farm. Leaving the production of meat, wool and cheese to his family, with his wife Alessandra he decides to take an interest in a new production or to use the milk of the Sopravissana sheep, registered in the Regional Directory of Agricultural Biodiversity of the Marche, for the production of a line of cosmetics such as soaps and creams with the name “La Vottega de la Sibilla”. The diversification of production does not stop there; Giovanni is also working on the production of a new “sheep salami” sausage, which is still being tested. The small sales outlet / family dairy also allows you to taste products such as fresh and aged cheeses, and flavored and soups based on cereals and legumes.

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