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Resources (varieties and breeds) at risk of genetic erosion present in the company:

La Drupa

The company became “Agriturismo la Drupa” in 2005 but the family of the current owners has been involved in agriculture for five generations, the oil mill in fact has been producing oil since 1884 but since then all the activities are carried out with passion, dedication and above all, the search for quality in the production of olive oil and all company products.

The company has a tasting room with an oil cellar, a family museum that tells the story of a five-generation farm life through objects, episodes and traditions handed down from parents to children.

The company produces an ancient citrus fruit, the merangola which it uses in the production of jams and in the kitchen, the history of this citrus fruit is intertwined from the beginning with the history of the farm which bases its activities on the rediscovery of past traditions, elaborating the unique flavor of this citrus fruit. The farm offers its customers not only products but experiences and sensations.