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Resources (varieties and breeds) at risk of genetic erosion present in the company:

Società Agricola La Pietrara - veduta esterna

The La Pietrara farm, founded by Alfonso Peretti to whom he dedicated most of his life, is now managed by two young people Gabriele Anselmi and Massimo Sabbatini. The company, which grows different varieties of apple trees, is located in the municipality of Monte San Martino at an altitude of 600 meters, an area extremely suited for such productions. In fact, it is no coincidence that in this area a variety of apple has diversified such as the Mela Rosa, an accession registered in the Regional Directory of Agricultural Biodiversity of the Marche. The Pink Apple has a thousand-year history, cultivated for its shelf life and for its organoleptic and nutritional characteristics. Gabriele and Massimo have focused on the quality of the products by reducing the use of phytosanitary products with the application of integrated defense also with the aim of respecting nature. In their store it is possible to find, in addition to the fresh product, also processed products such as clear juice and apple jams.

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Associazione Proloco Monte San Martino
Holidays to report
Pink Apple Festival - second Sunday of November