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Big Olive

Oliva grossa

Big Olive

Olea europea var. Big Olive


Medium vigorous tree, with upright bearing with hanging fruit-bearing branches; medium voluminous to medium density foliage; short internodes; leaves of medium size, dark green on the upper side; inflorescences of medium length, with a compact structure and medium branching of the rachis.
It is a variety still under study; it is mostly used as a table olive for the large fruit and is harvested both green and black. It is the variety that has shown the greatest resistance to cold, but is particularly sensitive to the fly, due to the large fruit and the pulp that loses consistency with maturation.

The Oliva grossa variety is also known locally as “Oliva grossa di Croce”, where Croce, a fraction of the municipality of Caldarola in the province of Macerata, has an area particularly rich in olive groves.

Cultivar from the Marche region, spread sporadically in the internal areas of the province of Macerata, with greater concentration in the Municipality of Caldarola.

Variety with dual purpose, mainly used for table. Lightly fruity oil, basically sweet with a bitter and spicy hint with a good hint of ripe tomato, yellow in color with green reflections, with a high content of oleic acid. Locally they are consumed after they have been “sdrinato” naturally from the first frosts, then they are seasoned with Coroncina oil, salt, fennel flowers, garlic etc., or they can be preserved in brine or put in a pan.

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