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Resources (varieties and breeds) at risk of genetic erosion present in the company:

Il Casale dei Tappi

The “Il Casale de li Tappi” farm by Salvatori Alessandro extends into the valley of the plain of Santa Scolastica, just outside Norcia.
The prestigious Black Cinghiato Pig is raised outdoors on the farm, of which the company is the guardian of a nucleus of breeding animals.
This genetic type of pig was born from a project in collaboration between the University of Perugia-UR Zootechnical Sciences and the 3APTA, with the aim of reconstituting and reintroducing an ancient pig population on the territory.
With the breeding of pigs, the supply chain and the various stages of production are controlled entirely.
In the attached butcher’s shop, the meat of the Black Cinghiato and the Pink Pig are cut and processed and thanks to the expert hands, from norcini doc, cold cuts and sausages with a genuine flavor of a past time are made, seasoned according to the Nursina tradition.
The company is also an Educational Farm and the path ends with the barbecue area, with a self-service barbecue area, where customers can taste our products, also on sale at the Campagna Amica Coldiretti markets in Pian di Massiano and Mercato Covered Farm Loc. Madonna Alta di Perugia.
In the farm there are various fruit trees including the MELA PANAJA of Norcia, the MELA SPOLETINA, the MELA LIMONCELLA and the MELA RUZZA trees.
In addition to the pigs reared outdoors, there are other farm animals, among which we highlight the ANCONA CHICKENS and the LIVORNO ARGENTO hens / chickens.